Kyoto Prefecture has been developing art projects on subjects including the history, climate, tangible cultural properties, scenic spots, landscapes, rich nature, and the life and culture of areas of "Kyoto by the Sea (northern part of the Prefecture)", "Kyoto in the Forests (middle part)" and "Kyoto infused with Tea (southern part)". This year, Kyoto Prefecture will organize an art festival with the theme being centered on the possibilities that imaginative art possesses to change the coming society as a new form of capital.



  • 京都:Re-Search

    In Kyoto prefecture, we are making various efforts to expand human communication and exchanges and to revitalize the region. One of the initiative is the “Artist in residence” project where artists stay for a certain period of time and conduct production/installation in the area "Kyoto: Re-Search" main goal is to bring out the potential and the attractiveness of the area through arts.

  • Artspace of the Light –光のアトリエ-

    Kyoto Prefecture creates new opportunities for visitors to explore local culture, by promoting multiple projects that increase tourism and stimulate the local economy.

    This project is a digital art space woven into some of the country’s most famous cultural heritage locations, themselves set among wondrous natural landscapes.