Kyoto Prefectural Art FestivalALTERNATIVE KYOTO 2021Kyoto prefecture continues to refine its previous art projects encapsulating the history, natural features, tangible cultural properties, scenic spots, landscapes, areas abundant in nature, and the culture of everyday life in its designated tourism areas, Kyoto by the Sea (prefecture North), Woodland Kyoto (prefecture central), and Kyoto Tea Country (prefecture South). In fiscal year 2021 was redefined as an art festival "Alternative Kyoto" to explore the possibilities that imaginative art has as a new capital (or currency); possibilities that may change the future of our society. This project aims to implement initiatives promoting local culture to both the Japanese and international audiences driving both international tourism and the revitalization of local economies. It involved the creation of spaces using digital art bringing together outlying culture with the latest in technology, and the exhibition of contemporary art works utilizing artist-in-residence programs incorporating local cultural resources.


2021.09.24[FRI]- 11.7[SUN]

  • 《Light and Sound》in Miyazu Amanohashidate area was held from 7/10 [Sat] in advance.
  • This project has ended.


Kyotango City / Miyazu City / Yosano Town / Fukuchiyama City / Nantan City / Yawata City


Kyoto Prefecture“Uminokyoto” Amanohashidate District Association Kyoto Re:Search Executive Committee Kyoto Cultural Power Product Executive Committee Fukuchiyama Irumiraito Executive Committee


The Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan, Fiscal Year 2021