【Light of my World】Located in the north of Kyoto prefecture, and known as a castle town and rest stop for those travelling to the San’in region, Fukuchiyama will be exhibiting the work of various artists with a theme of light, and other various media artworks incorporating the local history and natural features. The creative exchange between the local area and artists was devised to offer fresh opportunities to create new value in local culture.


*In consideration of the spread of COVID-19 infection, the start of the session has been changed from 10.1 [FRI].The exhibition will be open only on [Fri], [SAT], [SUN], national holidays and 11/4[THU].Fukuhciyama Castle Park / Hokimaru Park 18:00 -21:00 (Reception closes at 20:30)Former GINREI building 10:00 -17:00 (Reception closes at 16:30)

《Stone >> Cube》

What sunlight reveals is the story, shape, and purpose that has already been given. On the other hand, the artificial light of the projector, which is only emitted at night, can carefully pull them apart and hint at their inherent qualities and primitive spatiality.《Stone >> Cube》makes full use of dozens of projectors and speakers to create a new space at each of the locations: Hokimaru (diverted stone/cube) and Fukuchiyama Castle (130m uphill path/plaza in front of the castle tower/stone wall behind the castle). The spaces are linked to the history of the city, but their uses have shifted from those that they have in the daytime, they appear only in "nameless places.”

Production credits
Project manager, installation: KAWASAKI Mayo
Dramaturge: YAMAZAKI Nashi
VFX: Jun Hirao
Sound producer: KND
Synthesizer composer: Shoichi Murakami
System programming: MASAOKA Keitaro
Scaffolding installation: IBARAKIKOGYO
Lighting design: KUBO Ayaka (wakka)
Cooperated by: ADACHI Kiyotada
Cooperated by: Fukuchiyama Irumiraito Executive Committee, Jounior Chamber International FUKUCHIYAMA

三谷 正MITANI Tadashi

Graduated from the Department of Architecture and Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology. Representative of PixelEngine. Through the use of a large number of projectors and speakers, he creates a unique “space” from a historical and topographical approach. To meet these goals, he designed and used his own system and 3DCG. Activities conducted in the prefecture include those carried out at Kodaiji Temple, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Jidai-matsuri-kan, Maizuru Red Brick Warehouses, Kyoto Research Park, Fukuchiyama Castle, etc.



《Light of My World》

This exhibition, "Light of My World" is a contemporary art exhibition on the theme of "light" which is made by a diverse range of artists, using the New Testament phrase "You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world" as a starting point, imagining the "lost time" and former "traffic of people" in Fukuchiyama. Through interactions between artists and the local community taking part through creative activities, we will discover the cultural resources of this region that lie below the surface like a water vein. The exhibition venue, Former Ginrei Building, was once a familiar entertainment facility that became an integral part of people's lives. In the shopping district in front of the station, we will exhibit mostly paintings and two-dimensional works in a highly frontal format, using the physically brilliant symbols of the previous era as a guide.

Participating artists:

Curator: TSUTSUMI Takuya/KEINO Yuka
Graphic: YOSHIDA Katsunobu
Installer: KOSANJI Kosan
Public relations and editor: HIRANO Haruna
Curatorial intern: Zhao Yuehan/OHOKOSHI Madoka/Yugao Guo
Funded by: Arts Support Kansai

山中suplexYamanaka Suplex

A joint atelier established in 2014 in Yamanaka-cho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. At this atelier, it’s possible to carry out the large-scale production of resin, metal processing, stone carving, woodworking, etc. Not only do they carry out individual production, but Yamanaka Suplex also plans and implements exhibitions, events, workshops, etc. They are active every day, putting an emphasis on friendship between artists and cultural practitioners. Major exhibitions include the drive-in exhibition “The Analogical Mirrors” (Shiga, 2020), “Show and Tell: The Artists of Yamanaka Suplex and You” (Hyogo, 2019), etc.

ドライブイン展覧会《類比の鏡/The Analogical Mirrors》2020、山中suplex/滋賀、Photo by Kai Maetani

《山中ミッドナイトMAXIMUMTUNE 1》2021、びわ湖・アーティスツ・みんぐる、滋賀県立芸術劇場びわ湖ホール、Photo by Kai Maetani

Their exhibit will be done as an online bus tour.
Live stream venue: Live stream from Ayabe city

《Hyslom Online Bus Tour About the Kiln》

Through walking around Ayabe City, We have encountered many pottery makers. We will carry out an online bus tour to visit the pottery makers that we met so far. Throughout the tour, we will use kilns that we have built ourselves based on the information that we have learned from various kiln makers, and we will photograph and record the materials that change as they are heated at high temperatures, as well as presenting the production itself as a performance.


An artist group consisting of KATO Itaru, HOSHINO Fuminori, YOSHIDA Yuu. Started activities in 2009. They put the experience of encountering people and things and the sense of incongruity gained from the expedition of the land as the basis of their expression, and they practice “field-play”*, which is a form of play to experience the land using your body, which is put into practice in various places with videos and photo; represented as a performance work. Their recent exhibitions include “hyslom itte kaette. Back and Forth” (Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, 2019) and “hyslom temporary human” (Sendai Mediatheque, 2018).
*It was given this name by late MATSUMOTO Yukichi of Theatre group Ishinha.

《hyslom itte kaette.Back and Forth》2019、Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art



Fukuchiyama Irumiraito Executive Committee / Kyoto Bunkaryoku Project Executive Committee*

* "KYOTO BUNKARYOKU PROJECT" is a festival of the culture and the art performed by taking place in Japanese cultural capital and Kyoto for 2020 years taking the Tokyo Olympic Games and the paralympics tournament, etc. as an opportunity. http://culture-project.kyoto/


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