【Bridge to Heaven】The stage is set in the Amanohashidate area, one of Japan’s three famous vistas by the sea in the North of the prefecture. Here, visitors can experience a world of digital art using tangible cultural properties, scenery, and areas abundant in nature as raw materials in artworks. Prepare to see a magical “bridge to heaven” world of digital art with light, video and sound.


Please see the artist section for details.

19:00 - 21:00
The session end has been extended from 9.30 [THU] to 10.10 [SUN].
Amanohashidate Park

《Light and Sound》

Mamiko Hirai’s new song,Sound which plays a friendly and beautiful positive melody, and lighting designer Shiho Nagamachi who created the light arrangements in the environments, turned the Amanohashidate beach into a dream-like atmosphere of sound and light.

Music:《sky fish》HIRAI Mamiko

平井 真美子HIRAI Mamiko

She weaves a friendly, beautiful, and positive melody that spells out the feelings that come and go through everyone's hearts.She is active mainly in video music, and she handles a lot of music through CMs, TV programs and the like. Piano diary is her life’s work, and through it she translates the everyday into melodies, which has been released in an original piano solo album called “Towards a Dream” which was released in April, 2013. In recent years, in addition to providing music to artists, she has released a piano solo sheet music collection along with a piano piece specification sheet music series where you can change the viewpoint and enjoy the scenery of the sound by projecting the work on the score.

長町 志穂NAGAMACHI Shiho

CEO, LEM DESIGN STUDIO Co., Ltd. She graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology, and is a visiting professor at the Kyoto University of the Arts. Nighttime scenery in public spaces, lighting planning for architecture and landscapes; with lighting as the core of their tourism town planning, they produce lighting based public art, lighting products, etc., from “things” to “stuff” they work on many various projects. Her latest works are “Kobe City Meriken Park”, “Mizuki Shigeru Road (Grand Prize for Design Award for Light and Lighting)”, “Nagato Yumoto Hot Spring Sightseeing Town Development”, “Night Museum in Kawayu forest (Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan)” and others.

18:00 - 21:00The event will be exhibited only on [FRI], [SAT], [SUN],
and national holidays and 11/4[THU].
Motoise Kono Shrine

《Altered Perspectives》

Audiovisual installation created by HARA Marihiko, a musician and SHIRAKI Ryo, a programmer, who were inspired by the transition of the Miyazu/Amanohashidate area and the intersection of the extension of the approach to Amanohashidate. They observe the land from all different directions and add their imagination to the data and field recordings they receive; using this they attempt to draw a new bridge using video and acoustic expression through programming.

原 摩利彦HARA Marihiko

Graduated from the Faculty of Education, Kyoto University. Dropped out of a master's program at the Graduate School of Education of the same university. His works in various media formats, from modern classical to acoustic soundscapes, with a focus on the texture of sound/quietness. He has released an album called《PASSION》. He has handled the stage music for Damien Jalet+ NAWA Kohei《VESSEL》, NODA Hideki and others. Participated in the artist collective “Dumb Type”.


Born in Gifu prefecture in 1990. Graduated from the Kyoto Institute of Technology (Design and Architecture Program). Based in Kyoto, he conducts production activities across genres such as video, sound, and architecture with the use of their own software. Participates in the artist group “Dumb Type”. He is also involved in the production works of many artists such as TAKAYA Shiro, IKEDA Ryoji, and NAWA Kohei.

18:00 – 21:00The event will be exhibited every day during the event period.The performances will be held on
11.5[FRI],11.6[SAT],11.7[SUN] from 18:00 (irregularly)
Tango Kokubunji Temple remains

《The Dragon Bridge》

Just as a seven-storied pagoda and temple were built at Kokubunji in Tango to pray for an end to the smallpox epidemic, this time, a so-called “Lucky dragon” has been installed at the site of the former Kokubunji temple to pray for the end of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the final week of the festival, flames will bellow from the mouth of the dragon, and a “flame tower” and a “flame bridge” will be created as homage to the seven-storied pagoda and to Amanohashidate. In addition, the “Black Sun”, which was also produced in 2009, will be installed as if it were the “Golden Temple” to form the image of a large temple.

ヤノベケンジYANOBE Kenji

Born in Osaka in 1965. Since the beginning of 1990, he has been producing large mechanical sculptures with actual functions under the theme of "survival". In 1997, he went to Chernobyl as part of the 《Atom Suit Project》. After the huge 2011 earthquake in Japan, he produced the “Sculpture of hope”《Sun Child》, which toured both domestically and internationally. He has continued a wide range of creative activities that transcend the framework of art, such as installing the guardian beast of humankind 《KOMAINU - Guardian Beasts-》at the end of March 2020, with the wish to protect people from plague.

Music :《sky fish》HIRAI Mamiko / Lighting : LEM DESIGN STUDIO Co.ltd
16:30-21:00The event will be exhibited every day during the event period.
Shotenkyo-hiroba Square in Amanohashidate Park

《data.flux [LED version]》

IKEDA Ryoji, a leading composer/artist of Japan, is exhibiting “data.flux [LED version]”, a site-specific audiovisual installation that perceptualizes invisible data and lets you thrust yourself into the torrent of video and audio. Imagery is projected onto a large 24 meter LED screen composed of a huge combination of data, which lends the viewer a “complete sensory experience” with audio that is closely synchronized.

Concept, Composition: IKEDA Ryoji
Computer Graphics, Programming: HIRAKAWA Norimichi, TOKUYAMA Tomonaga
Video system support: CIMA Co., Ltd

池田 亮司IKEDA Ryoji

Born in Gifu in 1966, lives in Paris and Kyoto. As one of Japan's leading electronic music composers/artists, he pursues the essential characteristics of sound itself and its visualization through mathematical accuracy and thorough aesthetics. As one of the few artists who work across the fields of sound media and visual media, his activities are attracting the attention of people from all over the world. In 2019 he received the Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award: Distinguished Service, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Encouragement Award: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award (Media Arts)


“Uminokyoto” Amanohashidate District Association / Kyoto Prefecture


Amanohashidate Terminal Center, Tango Tourist Information Center

314-2 Monju, Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0001

TEL : 0772-22-8030(Weekday:9:00 - 18:00)

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