【South Tales : Intervening factors】A newly created art document based on the research project Kyoto: Re-Search in Nantan held last year will be exhibited. A group of 6 participating artists, including ARAKI Yu, stayed in Nantan as a group, and have been invited to give a lecture on their work. Their aim was to entice the town into creating a place/community to discover something new in the local area.


The exhibition will be open only on [Fri], [SAT], [SUN], national holidays and 11/4[THU].10:00-17:00 <Reception closes at 16:30>

All 6 works including, new work《JB》

I came as a relic from the outside, but the people of Yagi accepted me. Likewise, I would like to assimilate my works, which are part of myself, into this city. Just how far can one extinguish their presence and adapt? This attempt will be the exact opposite of the liveliness and revitalization expected of so-called regional art festivals. A modest yet rich landscape, as if the work had always been there. I feel that it is possible to create such a scene in this town.

List of works and exhibition venues (work Title|venue)
《ROAD MOVIE》(2014) | Cafe HIRANO
《Lizards and Spiders》(New) | Former Ogawa Tea Shop
《The Last Ball (Minokichi ver.)》(2019 / 2021) | YOUR SHISEIDO Minokichi
《THE ROUGH CUT》(New) | Tsuchiya
※Filming will continue until November. The film is scheduled to be completed in spring 2022.
《JB》(New) | Seigenji Temple
※Advance reservations required for viewing.(TEL:0771-42-3743)

荒木 悠ARAKI Yu

Born in 1985. Focusing on the gaps between different cultures, he is developing a video installation that recreates, replays, and rediscusses the events surrounding them. For major group exhibitions in recent years, “11 Stories on Distanced Relationships: Contemporary Art from Japan” (Japan Foundation, 2021), “Connections ― 150 years of Modern Art in Japan and France” (Pola Museum of Art, Hakone, 2020), etc. For major solo exhibitions “Three Days, Five Nights” (Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya, Nasu Shiobara, 2021), “LE SOUVENIR DU JAPON” (The Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, 2019), etc.

映像インスタレーション《The Last Ball》2019、資生堂ギャラリー、撮影:加藤健

映像インスタレーション《密月旅行 HONEYMOON》2020、ポーラ美術館、撮影:加藤健

《trace JII》/ 《trace FI:LI》

There are many rivers in Nantan, and people have lived alongside them since ancient times. The reason I became interested in these rivers was because I was familiar with the scenery of rivers in my own life. This time, we started our research from the Hiyoshi Dam, which is one of the major points of contact between people and rivers today. Rafting, fishing for ayu, floods, and dam construction. Through interviews, I was able to feel the closeness between the people of Nantan and the river and the way they interact with each other, which has changed over time. I thought that the way they are has a similar sense to the way people interact with each other.This work is an attempt to think about the coexistence of people and the river.

One other work will be exhibited.

List of works and exhibition venues (work Title | venue)
《trace JII》(New) | Imanishi Hyogu Store
《trace FI:LI》(New) | Nagaya
《Letter Experiment》(2021) | Kawasada

亀川 果野KAMEGAWA Kano

Born in 1996, currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Arts, Hiroshima City University. Focusing on Japanese painting materials, she is currently working on “The abstract nature of language and pictorial expression and their relationships” and “Japanese paintings and works based on their techniques”.



《Perfect Histories》

Her work focuses on how the attitudes of people arise in the process of historical transmission related to NAITO Joan, a Christian warlord associated with Yagi Castle.

One other work will be exhibited.

List of works and exhibition venues (work Title | venue)
《Perfect Histories》(New) | Maruya dining
《Perfect Histories》(New) | Imanishi Hyogu Store
《LOVE IS OVER!》(2017-2021) | Nantan City Office Yagi Branch

黒木 結KUROKI Yui

Graduated in 2017 from the Department of Sculptures, Graduate School of Kyoto City University of Arts. She set up opportunities for mutual understanding and fundamental solutions to private and public issues that are faced in our daily lives, alongside creating works and planning exhibitions through trial and error with those who are close to them. Main exhibition, VOICE GALLERY joint project “思い立ったが吉日” (Act on the day when you make up your mind) (2021, VOICE GALLERY), “ALLNIGHT HAPS Late 2019 “Kangaru”” (2019-2020, HAPS), etc.

《展示空間“Kangaru”》2019、ALLNIGHT HAPS 2019後期“Kangaru”第1期展覧会、HAPS/京都、Photo by 中谷利明

《黒木結のFOOD》2021、川原茜×黒木結“Electric Taste Enhancer”食事会、BnA Alter Museum 2F/京都、Photo by 川原茜

《Long Vacation》

This feeling of actually living in this land, sleeping and cooking for oneself, not researching a specific local topic, but chatting with local people, looking at the river in front of my accommodation, and just spending time somewhere in the countryside; it was like a vacation with no end in sight. In this residency, against the backdrop of the current pandemic, he will attempt to approach "life and death" and "time" by drawing on his own physical senses from his experience of spending his days in the local area.
In addition to the new works mentioned above, there will also be an exhibition of past works related to the theme of this exhibition.

List of works and exhibition venues (work Title | venue)
《Long Vacation》(New) | Nagaya
《I tried to forget but I can't remember》(2018) | Maruya dining(Tobacco shop)
《More Light? 》(2021)|HACHI_HACHI_Japanese warehouse
《Last minute》(2020)| Nagaya_2F
《Society is Community of Dream -We Pretend to be Sane-》| HACHI_HACHI_Japanese warehouse

小山 渉KOYAMA Wataru

Born in 1992, he graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2016. He presents videos, photographs, installations, etc. based on his interest in the human spirit and imagination. In recent years, he has used his experience of working at a mental welfare facility to take the opportunity to develop works related to mental illness. His main exhibitions are the solo exhibition “The Heart is Beating” (2021, Decameron), “Untouchable” (2019, Kitasenju BUoY), “1GB” (2020, SPIRAL), “Phantasma” (2019, blan Class), etc.

《社会は夢の共同体 -私たちはまともを装う- | Society is Community of Dream -We Pretend to be Sane-》2020、1GB、SPIRAL/東京

《心臓が動いている | The Heart is Beating》2021、心臓が動いている The Heart is Beating、デカメロン/東京


I like folk songs. But, when was it that I started to feel comfortable with these sounds? Who was the folk singer that my grandfather listened to every day on the radio? Something that has unconsciously become a part of me. This work is about the folk song "Tamba Ondo," which has been handed down orally in Nantan for about 300 years, and visiting the place where the sound resides in the people of Nantan. At that time, there was a mysterious jester who claimed to have made the Tamba Ondo dance popular, and memories of the watchtowers in the countryside.

In addition, two new works will be exhibited.

List of works and exhibition venues (work Title|venue)
《Windows21_Doll House》(New)|Cafe Komadori
《はじまりの第一章》(New)|HACHI_HACHI_Japanese-style house
《音頭 FM》|Around the shopping district in front of the station

山田 春江YAMADA Harue

Born in Kyoto Prefecture. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Kyoto Seika University. In 2008 she traveled to France and studied comedy. After that, she engaged in a wide range of expression activities such as stage, music, and art exhibitions. In recent years, she has been active as the ventriloquist “CHEKAS” since reuniting with a ventriloquism doll made by her grandparents, who were ventriloquists themselves. Through dialogue with dolls which are “matter”, she has become interested in how the body is related to this process, and she carries out productions and performances. She starred in the Denver Film Festival invitation film “YUKIKO”. Representative, Share House “Yamada-sou”, Director of RC HOTEL Kyoto Yasaka.

《Before Becoming a Word》2020、個展「TELL ME YOUR NAME」、クサカベギャラリー/京都

《ふくちゃん》2020、個展「TELL ME YOUR NAME」、クサカベギャラリー/京都

《Yesterday's Product, Ghost Theater, yesterday’s commodity》

"Today's gift is tomorrow's product. Yesterday's goods are tomorrow's art. Today's art is tomorrow's junk. And yesterday's junk is tomorrow's heirloom."
--Arjun Appqdurai「The Thing Itself」

In this work, we transform a hardware store in the Yagi-cho shopping district that originally opened in the Taisho era, and closed a few years ago. This store still has some of its merchandise left, and is a dark wilderness of the past. In such a place, using specially made sound and power devices, we will connect with objects such as leftovers that have lost their mission as products, and regain their social life in the new context of the exhibition's gaze. It is a theatre of ghosts, a manifestation of the "liveliness" of what has passed in the space of the everyday and the real.

List of works and exhibition venues (work Title|venue)
《Yesterday's Product, Ghost Theater, yesterday’s commodity》(New)|Asada Kado Store
《The burrow・Camgirls》(2021)|Nagaya

羊 喘兒YANG Qinhua

Completed Master Course, Art and Media Program, Information Design Department, Tama Art University Graduate School. Born and raised in Shanghai. Currently being based in Tokyo, she creates works of images and installations using 3DCG. She highlights the reality and fiction that exist within the image of man-made objects, and the scenery she creates in a modern age of accelerating consumerism. Major group exhibitions include “Guerrillas in Flatland” (Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, MOCA Shanghai, 2021), “PANACEA” (Calm & Punk Gallery, 2021), “TRIANGLE RELATIONSHIP” (3331 Arts Chiyoda, 2020), etc. She received the Media Explorer Challenge Award 2018 (MEC2018) Honorable Mention, and the 23rd CAMPUS GENIUS AWARD SILVER (Judge Terai Award).

《only black sees me》2018、Organhaus Art Space

《endless glory》2021、CALM & PUNK GALLERY、Photo by Naoki Takehisa


Kyoto:Re-Search Executive Committee (Kyoto Prefecture, Kyotango City, Yosano Town, Nantan City, Yawata City)


Kyoto:Re-Search Executive Committee

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