【Silk Road -Boundaries-】In Yosano, a town in the mountainous region North of the prefecture, the textile industry has been in operation since time immemorial; even to this day you can hear the sound of looms producing the high quality Tango Chirimen silk that has supported the local economy here. The art unit Another Farm (members OZAKI Hiromi (Sputniko!), and KUSHINO Shinya) will be exhibiting experimental works combining traditional techniques with the latest in technology.


*In consideration of the spread of COVID-19 infection, the start of the session has been changed from 9.24 [FRI].The exhibition will be open only on [Fri], [SAT], [SUN], national holidays and 11/4[THU].10:00-17:00 (Reception closes at 16:30)



One wishes to get as close as possible to the realm of God. Time and again people have made various attempts in order to realize this wish. It could be considered an aspect of human history. In this work, we attempted to eliminate the boundary between the realm of man and God through the use of cutting-edge technology and Noh. The ongoing progress of science and technology is the expansion of human beings, and Noh is the time and space where God and man intersect. The silkworm carrying the gene of the jelly fish spits out a glowing thread, and the Noh costume made from the thread glows green and floats in the subtle and profound darkness. We wonder how far one can step into the realm of God, the Creator of all things, by wearing a costume created using genetic modification technology.


A unit born from a collaboration between artists OZAKI Hiromi (Sputniko!) and KUSHINO Shinya. Based on inspiration from nature, they collaborated with scientists and engineers to explore new relationships between humans and nature while conducting experimental production activities, all making full use of both the latest and traditional technologies.

《Modified Paradise》2018



Kyoto:Re-Search Executive Committee (Kyoto Prefecture, Kyotango City, Yosano Town, Nantan City, Yawata City)


Kyoto:Re-Search Executive Committee

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